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Dear Patients, If you are a patient at Sunrise Family Care Clinic you know how we take care of you when you are at the office.  Many have asked though, how are you taken care of after hours or on the weekend when you need care.

Here is how care for patients at Sunrise Clinic works after hours, on weekends and when I, Dr. Mary Landwehr, am out of town: In case you or your family member who is a patient at the clinic need admission to StJoseph Hospital for medical treatment I will continue to see you in the hospital.

If I admitted you during the week and your stay extends into the weekend, I will continue to take care of you over the weekend.

In case you need admission during a weekend, the internal medicine specialist from Eau Claire Medical Clinic will take care of you until I return to clinic on Monday.

I have worked with these specialists in Internal Medicine and Pulmonology for several years and can assure you of their excellent and compassionate care. Eau Claire Medical Clinic physicians admitting patients to StJoseph will include Dr. Terry Benson, Dr. Anton Kidess, Dr. Kyle Dettbarn and Dr. Fadi Sabbagh.

During times when I am out of the office  due to vacation, Dr. Benson, Dr. Dettbarn,  Dr. Sabbagh and Dr. Kidess will take care of you should you require admission to the hospital.
I will provide care for my pediatric patients needing admission to StJoseph Hospital during the weekdays and the weekends. Should I be unavailable due to being out of town,  coverage for admission of my pediatric patients will be provided through the Marshfield Clinic Chippewa Falls Pediatric Department, wonderful physicians whom I have worked with closely since coming to Chippewa  in 2003.

As my obstetric patients know, I am available for your deliveries and obstetrical concerns 24/7 unless I am out of town. If you should require obstetrical coverage during my vacation, my colleagues from Marshfield Obstetrics (Dr. S. Cochrane, Dr. S. Kreitlow, Dr. S. Julian and Dr. R. Maslonkowski) will be available and will take excellent care of you. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with this excellent, compassionate and caring  group of physicians since 2003 and feel I am very fortunate to have them cover for my obstetrical patients during times when I am unavailable.
If there is a need to reach a physician after clinic hours you can continue to call Sunrise Clinic at 715-726-3096 and you will have the option to leave any of us here at Sunrise Clinic a voicemail which we will listen and respond to by the next business day.

For medical emergencies you are advised to call 9-1-1 or your local emergency provider.
For medical needs that are non-emergent, however require you to talk with a physician before the next business day, you can get connected to my cell phone (during weekdays and the weekend). Should I be unavailable, you will have the option to talk to the on call physician for Eau Claire Medical Clinic for adult or Nursing Home concerns,  the obstetrician on call for the Chippewa Marshfield Obstetrics Department for obstetric concerns and the nurse phone line and physician on call for the Marshfield Chippewa Pediatrics Department.
I provide coverage for phone calls for my patients who reside at inpatient rehab facilities or nursing homes. During times when I am out of town, this will be covered by the on call physician for Eau Claire Medical Clinic.
While I am out of the office my wonderful staff will continue to be here at the clinic and available to address your concerns until I return.
I have the wonderful fortune to have Mike Korbol, PA-C at the office, who will be available to see you at Sunrise Clinic when I am out of town. He provides excellent, compassionate care for you while I am away. Mike has been very well liked by all who have met him, and I am thrilled to have him on our team.

When I am out of town, the clinic will be open for regular business hours which are listed on our homepage.
To schedule an appointment or to get your questions answered please contact us at Sunrise Family Care Clinic at 715-726-3096.
Yours sincerely,    
                            Dr. Mary Landwehr